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About us

re-viv is a real estate investment, development, and management company located in San Francisco, CA. We acquire, renovate and manage Class B/C multifamily properties in dense urban cores. Targeted location are near mass transit and retail corridors, have high barriers to entry for development and offer quality schools.


The properties are acquired below replacement cost, undergo significant capital improvements, and offer unparalleled amenities relative to the competition.

With our extensive background in construction, sustainable development practices, and energy efficiency. Re-viv's broader mission is to revitalize underserved communities and generate market-leading returns while mitigating the risk typically associated with these investments.

Team and Leadership

The team is led by founder & CEO, Matthew Ryan and supported by several team members. We have partnerships within the Sacramento, Reno and East Bay markets that have extensive knowledge and experience within the commercial real estate space.


Matt's experience spans ten years as an entrepreneur, launching his first company out of the recession in 2009 to capitalize on the growing opportunities in energy efficiency and green building within the construction sector. After his first investment project in 2013, he pivoted to real estate where he has compiled a 30%+ IRR on all investment projects. He handles all facets of a transaction: broker, property manager, and general contractor while building a seven-figure personal portfolio. His next project is propelling re-viv as the market leader in the social impact investment space.  

Matt Ryan


Matt Ryan



With close to ten years of experience in real estate and construction, Matt Ryan founded re-viv to re-engineer residential and commercial real estate in underserved communities.  


Mr Ryan's real estate industry knowledge began in Charlotte, NC where he was founder and partner of Elm Energy Group, a multi-faceted contracting business focused on energy efficiency and contracting services in residential, commercial and historical buildings.


In the midst of a post-recession, Elm successfully provided cutting-edge building diagnostics in addition to revolutionary residential contracting services that were deeply rooted in technology. While the energy efficiency and green building sectors were establishing themselves, Matt and his company positioned itself as a leader by forming key partnerships. The success of the company across the Southeastern region was largely due to Matt's tenacity and the ability to recruit a multi-faceted customer base; something imperative in an early adoption industry that relied heavily on a crippled construction industry.


With the founding of re-viv in 2015, Matt chose to use all of his industry knowledge and experience to satisfy a larger, two-fold mission in real estate: providing profitable investments through real estate investment that also improved communities. This mission follows his passions of urban policy, building technology and social impact based ventures. "I've always been fascinated by this idea of companies that can make money while also addressing large, socio-economic issues". For re-viv, this idea of community revitalization while maintaining architectural integrity, improving economics while maintaining social equity can be perceived as complex, and it is. However, we'll never solve the problem by waiting for regulation to solve our problems, and capitalism isn't always efficient in addressing them.

Operations Manager

Jacquetta Haythorn


Jacquetta has eight years’ experience working in admin, operations, marketing, urban planning and development & has worked for a number of high profile developer's in Vancouver, Canada and London, UK. 

Jacquetta is a key part of the management team overseeing HR and training as well as improving company organizational processes and procedures. She keeps an eye on multiple areas within the company, assuring productivity and efficiency while seeking to reduce costs.

Lead Developer

Gabriel Brent

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 5.23.32 PM.png

At re-viv, Gabriel or "Gabe" works on creating integration and automation across our technology platforms. Whether it's mining large swaths of data or creating automated system workflow in our CRM, Gabe is a crucial tech utility player and is central to the success of re-viv's growing technology platforms. 

About Me: I started programming in basic and assembly when I was 10. After College, I started integrating work at Wal-Mart Stores Corporate, implementing a new automation system for its international supply chain. From there, I moved into technical integration and built hardware and software systems solutions for all kinds of businesses and media companies in Los Angeles, California. I thoroughly enjoy solving problems with technology, and I've built my own neural network. I've specialized in software engineering and integration work for the past 15 years.  I greatly enjoy teaching; having previously taught at UCLA and now the dad to three little kids.